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Anonymous asked: It kinda weird that im 19, turning 20 and im still in this "dark ". Its embarrassing :/ sorry im telling you all this, it must be weird for you haha..

It hits everyone at different times, mine came when I was 13 lol Imagine that! It was NOT pretty I know people that are like in the 40’s and they’re just getting it. You got this in the bag! U have ur whole life to turn things around and then LLLIIIVVEEEE ur life!

Anonymous asked: Not to mention you have tons of friends who have the same intrests as you. You are living the dream man...

I’m also very blessed to be surrounded by the coolest friends ever, but TRUST ME! You will get there! I promise!

Anonymous asked: Im so envious of you. I can tell by your pics and tweets that you get a long with your mom. As with your dad, im unsure but l at least he doesnt emotionally abuse you. I wish i was where you are now.l : achieving my dreams and being in theatre...

Well thank u very much. I’m actually the luckiest person alive to have the mom that I have. She is FOR REAL my best friend! Without a doubt! I love her more than anything in the world! My dads great too just………….u can’t compete with my mom haha
You will get there my friend, believe it or not I went through an extremely dark time as well, not with the same topic as you but extremely similar in ways and look……..I turned out fine :) And so will you!

Anonymous asked: how the fuck do you deal with a father who is emotionally and verbally abusive that you want to kill yourself? Sorry if this question was heavy and made you feel uncomfortable but I have no one to talk to, and you seem to reply to your anon questions regularly….

Hmmmmmm, this is interesting cause if it was a random person or friend being verbally abusive you could easily just cut them out of your life, but this is different. Honestly, I’ve never really been in a situation like this before.
I would  say my first bit of advice is to know that you are worth EVERYTHING. Never let anyone think that your only option is to kill yourself because you will never find out what AMAZING things you have to offer to the world (and you do have amazing things to offer whether you believe it or not) and you would take away everything you currently offer from everyone you know! Life is the absolute BEST thing given to us and to just throw it away would mean missing out on EVERYTHING. You change and affect people’s lives everyday without even noticing it! You have the power to change somebodies day completely around just by smiling at them as they walk down the street or complimenting something they are wearing u know? Even if your having a shitty day and are having dark thoughts somebody else you may not even know needs you!
Secondly, I would do my best to stay at a friends house a lot or anywhere other than home tell I was 18 and then GET. OUT! I don’t know the entire situation obviously but I do know a father should not be verbally abusive and ESPECIALLY not physically abusive with their kid. Like WTF?! No no no, thats not ok AT ALLLLLLL!
OBVIOUSLY if things get out of hand the FIRST thing you need to do is call the damn cops! Like your safety is first and if shit gets real you have to be ready to that u know?
Lastly, and this you probably have already done, you should let him know how he is effecting you and to the severity that he is effecting you! Like if he knows you are feeling this way and continues to be a crazy person then you really need to think about moving out ASAP or contacting someone who can help you!
I hope This helps! Like I said I’ve never really been in this sort of situation so I’m only speaking theoretically! But I LOVE YOU!!!! Know that much!

Anonymous asked: I want to have ur babies <33

Oh……..well ummm…………….sooooo……..and the…………..alright. Good to know! Hahaha If I’m ever looking for a random person to have my babies, you’ll be the first know lol XD #ImScaredAndConfusedButOddlyComplimented

Anonymous asked: So you work at the Disneyland parks?

Yep :)

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