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Anonymous asked: you kinda resemble my bf & ever since that pokemon video, I keep seeing him as Ash. & now, every time we have sex, I think I'm having sex with Ash...😓😓 LOL jk!😉 it's fun trolling you😜 Btw, I'm the same person who "watches your videos naked"

……I don’t even know how to react to this lol

Anonymous asked: did you know that colleen ballinger (miranda sings) used to work at disneyland?! what?? were you working with her when she was there?

Yeah she actually left the same show I currently do as I got hired! Never got to meet her though

Anonymous asked: What type of dancing do you do? Like hip hop or jazz? Also, would you ever consider ballroom dancing like swing or cha cha? ;)

……..Yeah…….. show me some dance moves you want and I’ll do it lol I’m not good at defining dance types

Anonymous asked: would you date an asian?


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