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Anonymous asked: Will you ever do a 5sos cover? like "she looks so perfect"!!! It would be great!

I’ll have to look it up!

Anonymous asked: Do you ever hang out with your fans outside of Disney? Like go out to eat with them or something? Because since we go to Disney to see u obviously we have to live by each other.

No not really, but I don’t hangout with anyone lol My schedule is stupid, my friends hate me cause I never hangout with them haha

Anonymous asked: When is your birthday?

July 14th! WOOT WOOT

Anonymous asked: How old is your sister?

18? I think? lol

Anonymous asked: Do you know someone who gets on your nerves a lot?

Yes, hahaha Yes I do

Anonymous asked: Why don't you have a girlfriend? Surely there has to be someone who has a crush on you that you like back.

I don’t have time for relationships right now in my life, sure there is someone but I wouldn’t want to commit to a relationship unless I have time to make that person happy!

Anonymous asked: What's your preference! Are you straight?

Straight, sorry to disappoint lol

Anonymous asked: I love youuuuuu!!!!!

I’m sure I love you too……..but idk……..cause the grey smiley is scary haha

Anonymous asked: Hi. You have a nice smile. Ok bye. :)

HA! Thank you!

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